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Here are some default paragraphs for default official GDO modules.

3rd Parties

We do not interchange information with 3rd party or advertisers,


 - You use authentification via OAuth vendors like Facebook.
 - You utilize a payment processor like Paypal. 


GDO is probably collecting lots of logfiles in a manner that we can exactly trace your activity on this website.
 +Core Configuration
-Core Configuration
No No Yes lax
On FINE we only store your password hashed, using the BCrypt algo.
The hashes are peppered and salted, and the BCrypt hash algorithm cost is set to 11.
--- Friend Friends Not Specified
 +Date and Time
-Date and Time
Timezone and Last-Activity can give away information.
UTC Friend Friends 10m
 +Session (DB)
-Session (DB)
This module saves your session inside the database and sets a cookie to recognize you.
A cookie and session is required to operate this service.
This cookie is *not* shared with other sites.
User Interface Settings
Not Specified Not Specified Not Specified